Youth Education

Programs for Families

Weezie’s Garden for Children

This whimsical garden is designed as a series of small spiraling gardens, each with its own theme and way to engage the senses.

Family Programs in the Garden

These programs are free, drop-in programs hosted in Weezie’s Garden. All programs begin at 11 a.m.

Wednesdays, June – August
Join Kathi Gariepy for Caterpillar Club. Each week she’ll lead activities that will help young children explore the gardens and the environment. Enjoy hands-on activities, puppets and stories and discover the natural world!

Thursdays, June – August
Come for Story Time! Ideal for preschoolers, we’ll read stories and sing some songs to help visitors enjoy time outside.  Dover Town Library will bring their Super Awesome Fun Time to the gardens for special dates in June, and July 11 – August 15. All other weeks, Mass Hort staff will lead the story time.

Friday through Sunday
Led by our garden educators, our youngest gardeners can get crafty, put on their scientific-thinking caps, and explore the garden throughout the seasons. Each week will feature a new theme of hands-on activities that connect to natural activity in the garden. (check out our Facebook page for details).

Family Discovery Guide

Download this fun exploration of The Gardens at Elm Bank.


Programs for Schools

Year-round, we offer ecological and environmental curriculum-based field trip and in-classroom programs for students, scouts, campers and other youth groups in grades Pre-K through 8. Our programs are hands-on, STEM-focused, and a fun kickoff or conclusion to a plant unit.


Field Trips

Get Outside and Explore!
During a visit to The Gardens at Elm Bank, groups can explore the gardens, picnic, and walk the woodland trails along the Charles River.
For booking, rates, and more information, contact Allison Dush at or call 617-933-4973.


Garden Explorations

Activities vary to take advantage of seasonal changes in the gardens. Students will explore the natural environment and gain an understanding of life cycles, wonder at the connections within an ecosystem, and hone their skills of observation.

Walk along the Charles

Take a walk in any season to see what grows and lives in our native woods and waterways. 

Indoor Horticulture Workshops

Students can propagate plants from seeds, cuttings and transplants, and learn cultivation skills to care for their plants at home. Explore our greenhouses or gardens and learn how our work is done.


The Mass Hort Plantmobile

The Mass Hort Plantmobile is a traveling plant science program that brings workshops to your classrooms. We provided hands-on educational programs for students in pre-K to grade 8. Plantmobile programs are designed to provide students with a rewarding horticultural experience. Programs are offered on a variety of topics and activities coincide with elementary school plant science curriculum and standards.

To learn more and to book a Plantmobile visit, please contact Lise Lorimer at or call 617-933-4973.


Get Growing!

Sing songs, read stories, and plant something! Kids will get a fun introduction to plants, learn their parts, and find out what they need to grow. (Typically 20-30 minute program)

What Do Plants Need?

Students will plant a seed or seedling, learn what plants need to grow, and why people need plants. (30 or 60 minute programs available)

Flower to Seed

The Mass Hort Plantmobile will bring flowers and seeds to dissect, and students will learn the different parts of plants and flowers, and their functions.

Habitats and Ecosystems

Students will learn about adaptations that plants have developed across different ecosystems. They will learn how the abundance or lack of light, soil, and water affects a plant’s growth.

Secrets in the Garden

This program showcases beneficial organisms which help maintain a balance in a healthy ecosystem. Learn about types of relationships in an ecosystem and special plant adaptations that attract helpful critters.


Students will discover what goes on in a leaf, and how that process serves all food webs. Students will examine a variety of leaves; learn their function and their basic terms, as well as identification of several trees through leaves.

Build Your Own

Plantmobile staff will work with educators to incorporate classroom content into a hands-on engaging program focused on plant science. Call now!

Hands-On Gardening!

Students will learn the basics of gardening and plant life cycles as they connect to your classroom activities. Depending on the season, students may investigate and start seeds, explore compost, celebrate the harvest or put the garden to bed. In addition to plant and garden care, math and science applications will be central to the activities. (Presented in your school garden spaces.)




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