August 7, 2018

The Residents of Weezie’s Garden

By Melissa Pace,
Garden Educator                       

You might have visited and not even seen them. They are an amazing, spectacular and diverse array. They are the insects and animals, fish and amphibians, all existing harmoniously within Weezie’s Garden for Children.

Many of them live right here. You might have walked right by their home and not noticed them. Often we have invited them here by offering them the shelter of a house made from a gourd, by planting their favorite flowers, or by making the pond for them.

Some just pass through, looking for something to eat or water to drink. Others never seem to leave the confines of Weezie’s Garden, living out there lives amongst each other and our visitors.

If you would like to see the residents of Weezie’s next time you visit, find a quiet corner and sit for a few minutes. You might be amazed at what you see!

Recently spotted in the garden:


European honey
Mining (Ground dwelling)


Coopers hawk
Orchard oriole
Baltimore oriole
Pileated woodpecker
Ruby throated hummingbird

Butterfly caterpillars and chrysalis 

Baltimore checkerspot
Black swallowtail
Eastern tiger swallowtail
Great spangled fritillary
Painted Lady
Silver spotted skipper


American bullfrog
Grey tree  
Northern leopard




Hawk (Hummingbird moth)

Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit


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