July 17, 2019

Plant of the Week: June 30

By: Lise Lorimer,
Mass Hort Garden Educator

Salvia elegans in the Bressingham Garden

Salvia elegans, earns its common name, pineapple sage, by emanating a distinct pineapple scent when the leaves are lightly crushed. It is native to Mexico and Guatemala and has brilliant, red, spiked flowers which are a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies. In our area this annual starts small but can grow up to four feet in one season, it will also be late to flower. Mass Hort staff lovingly overwinters our specimen in the greenhouse. This ensures a mature plant will be transplanted in the spring, which will start blooming long before one grown from seed. Come enjoy our pineapple sage in Weezie’s Garden and be patient, we’ve already spotted a ruby-throated hummingbird.


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