June 18, 2019

Plant of the Week: June 18

By: Lise Lorimer,
Mass Hort Garden Educator

Fringe tree in Bressingham Garden

Chionanthus virginicus also known as fringe tree has a fragrance too match it’s delicate, sweet, fringed like petals.

As a member of the olive plant family, there is some resemblance in shape, fragrance, and fruit. This shrub or small tree is native to the eastern United States and can tolerate a wide variety of conditions making it a suitable focal point for almost any garden.

Come visit our specimens in the Bressingham Garden and the Herb Garden as they are currently in full bloom and not to be missed. Truly a plant for all seasons, you’ll want to return to them this fall and admire their ripening dark fruits which attract a myriad of birds and other wildlife. 

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