July 29, 2019

Plant of the Week: July 28

By: Lise Lorimer,
Mass Hort Garden Educator

Bottlebrush buckeyes by the Hunnewell Building

Aesculus parviflora, commonly known as the bottlebrush buckeye, is native to the Southeastern United States, as well as some parts of the Northeast and will certainly survive our zone 6 winters. This deciduous, understory, shrub can reach six to twelve feet high, spreads eight to fifteen feet, and will slowly creep into a thicket from suckering stems. It’s a true showstopper in the shade garden producing numerous large panicles that bear white, tubular flowers with long pink anthers which emit a sweet, honey smell. The large leaves are palmate and might scorch if planted in a full sun area but can easily handle part sun. 

 Be sure to not let this plant dry out until it is well established and then it will continue growing with little need of assistance.

These flowers are a real magnet to hummingbirds, I had two fly-bys while capturing images! Come visit our bottlebrush buckeyes located just to the left of the Hunnewell Building and be sure to return in the fall to take in their spectacular fall color. 

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