Wine Tasting and Talk of Boston Developed Heirloom Grape Varieties

Join us for an afternoon of wine and knowledge as we explore heirloom grapes and the wines they create.

The life, grapes, and wines of E. S. Rogers of Salem, MA (1826-1899) will be featured at this late-afternoon talk by J. Stephen Casscles. Stephen is a Hudson Valley winemaker at the Hudson-Chatham Winery who grows many of the heirloom grape varieties that were developed by Edward S. Rogers in 1851. During our time we will talk about Rogers’ efforts to breed superior grapes in Salem, MA., his resultant grape varieties, how they grow in the field, and the kinds of wines that they make. Rogers named grape varieties include:  ‘Salem’, ‘Agawam’, Merrimac’, ‘Massasoit’, and ‘Wilder’ .

$55/member. $75/general admission

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