Perennial Plant Symposium

Tuesday, August 27, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Presented by Massachusetts Horticultural Society & the Perennial Plant Association, the regional PPA symposium is open to all levels of gardeners and professionals. This year’s symposium includes four presentations led by some of the perennial industry’s best. Pre-registration required

Early Bird: $99
After August 18: $125

Price includes lunch


This year’s four presenters:


Mike & Angelina Chute

Selecting Sustainable Roses

Sustainable roses are sturdy, attractive plants that can hold their own in a pesticide-free landscape. This program features modern, recently-introduced varieties as well as old favorites that are disease-resistant, winter hardy, easy to grow and bloom all season. Selecting Sustainable Roses delves into the core of sustainability, explains the different grades and types of roses, their growth habits and how to select the best varieties for your garden. We use the experience gained in our own sustainable rose garden as a practical model to share tips on sustainable and basic rose gardening. Be amazed at the wide choices of color, size, and fragrance that are available and will fit into any New England garden. 


Stephanie Cohen
Author, Gardener, and Perennial Diva

Cutting Edge Perennials, No Bandages Provided!

The Diva loves new plants and will show you new in non-natives and natives. The word “new” does not necessarily mean better. It should just mean different flower size, color of flower or  leaf, immunity to pests and diseases, and even lower maintenance. Some good plants slip through the cracks and others are worthy candidates for the compost pile. Be prepared as the Diva does not mince words  and the dirt will fly during this presentation!


William Cullina
Author, Lecturer, and Executive Director at Morris Arboretum

Beyond Black-eyed Susan’s and Border Phlox: Exceptional Native Perennials for Creative Gardening

Though gardening with native plants has truly come of age in this country, the nursery industry has barely begun to tap the amazing diversity within our flora. You don’t need to travel to Tibet to find plants that will thrill the eye and feed the soul. In this program, Bill Cullina will profile some of the outstanding native perennials yet to be discovered by the gardening public.


Dan Jaffe
Landscape Consultant

For Us and Them: How Native Plants Can Feed Us and the Pollinators Both

There are a variety of reasons why people chose to grow plants; the most common reason often being aesthetic in nature. We like the look of a garden, it gives us a place to relax or play or drink wine with friends. However simple beauty is not always enough for people, the popularity of edible and pollinator gardens has skyrocketed of late, but these trends can be complicated. Which plants attract which pollinators? Which edibles are resistant to diseases and pests? What if you could have it all? A beautiful, edible garden that supports a myriad of pollinators, what if it could be easy? Join Dan Jaffe, Author of Native Plants for New England Gardens to learn how low maintenance native plants can feed us and the pollinators together.

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