Mass Hort at the Flower Show

2019 Show: March 13 – March 17

The Boston Flower & Garden Show has a century-long history of providing a breath of spring and brief reprieve from the New England winter. Each year, Mass Hort at the Flower Show manages four horticultural competitions in amateur horticulture, botanic photography, floral design, and Ikebana. Make sure you get to the back of the hall to see the competitions and exhibits of Mass Hort at the Flower Show.

Additionally, every year Mass Hort prepares a special garden exhibit. This year’s exhibit The Golden Mean will offer a tropical island getaway that encourages visitors to bring balance to their busy lives with a relaxing, tropical feel in their backyards. Our exhibit will include touches of teak and palm alongside tropical plants that are easy-to-grow in New England summers. We hope to inspire your own personal oasis!

There is still time to get involved:

Mass Hort also organizes a special lineup of presenters. Lecture are included with show admission, see below for details.


Please Note: Mass Hort Members will receive their complimentary tickets between February 20 – 27.

Show Hours

Show Hours

Wednesday, March 13, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Thursday, March 14, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Friday, March 15, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturday, March 16, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday, March 17, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Mass Hort at the Flower Show Competition Schedules and Details

Competition Schedules

Floral Design Classes

The Floral Design competitions are open to everyone. Two people may work on an entry together. Designs must be composed of fresh material (except in classes that specify dried plant material). Each design class has a specific theme and scale, these details are listed in the Schedule. To enter, please complete and submit this Entry Form.

Amateur Horticulture

The Amateur Horticulture Classes (Am Hort) are open to all interested individuals, plant societies and garden clubs. All ages are welcome, youth may enter the junior classes. Entrants bring their houseplants to Boston on Sunday, March 10, they will be displayed throughout the show until Sunday, March 17. Plants are judged and awarded ribbons, our judges are a panel of experts that can help you with nomenclature and the entry process in Boston. Take a look at the schedule here.

To enter plants, you must have them in your possession by December 10, 2018. 

Adult Photography 

Find the Competition Schedule and rules here. Submissions are no longer being accepted. Thank you for your interest.

Youth Photography

Youth 16 and Under can enter this competition which by submitting digital images that will be juried. The committee will print the 24 finalists, which will be displayed at the Boston Flower and Garden Show. Further awards may be given at the show. 

Ikebana Exhibit

In Ikebana International, Boston Chapter, there are three schools represented: Ikenobo, Ohara, and Sogetsu. Each school will be exhibited at the 2019 Boston Flower and Garden Show. Members of any school may exhibit, please reach out to your organization for details. Visitors to the show will be delighted by this expanded exhibit as well as demonstrations of this art of Japanese flower arrangement.

Directions, Transportation and Parking

Directions and Transportation

The Seaport World Trade Center is located at 200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210 in Boston’s Seaport District,
with direct access to the Mass Pike, I-93 and Logan Airport.


From Points West via I-90:

Follow the Massachusetts Turnpike/Interstate 90 East to Exit 25 – South Boston. At the top of the ramp, bear left towards Seaport Boulevard. At the first set of lights, proceed straight onto East Service Road. At the next set of lights, take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage is located ahead on the right.

From Points North via I-93:

Heading southbound on Interstate 93 Boston, take Exit 23, Purchase Street and move into the left lane. At the top of the ramp, take a left turn onto the Evelyn Moakley Bridge/Seaport Boulevard. Follow Seaport Boulevard for approximately .8 miles, the Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be on the right, after the Seaport Boulevard/B Street intersection.

From Points West via Storrow Drive:

Take Storrow Drive East to Leverett Circle and follow signs for Interstate 93 South/Logan Airport. Once on Interstate 93 South, follow directions from “Points North”.

From Points South via I-93:

Heading northbound on I-93 towards Boston, take Exit 20, which will be immediately after Exit 18. Follow the signs to “I-90 East.” Take the first tunnel exit to “South Boston.” At the first set of lights at the top of the ramp, proceed straight onto East Service Road. At the next set of lights, take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be ahead on the right.

From Logan International Airport and Route 1A South:

Follow the signs towards I-90 West – Ted Williams Tunnel. Take the Ted Williams Tunnel to Exit 25. At the top of the ramp proceed straight onto B Street. Follow B Street to the end and take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be on your right.


There are many parking options near the Seaport World Trade Center.


(all departing from South Station)

Route 1:

Depart South Station 
Bus – Silver Line SL1 – Direction: Logan Airport
 (2 mins, 1 stop) 

Arrive Court House Station Stop ID: 74612 
Walk to Seaport World Trade Center 
About 6 mins (0.3 mi)

Route 2:

Depart South Station 
Bus 7 –  towards City Point via Summer St. & Harbor Industrial Park 
 (2 mins, 2 stops) 

Summer St opp WTC Ave Stop ID: 889 
Walk to Seaport World Trade Center 
About 9 mins (0.4 mi)

Route 3:

Depart South Station 
Walk to Atlantic Ave. @ Congress St. 
About 3 mins (0.2 mi) 

Atlantic Ave. @ Congress St. Stop ID: 221 
Bus 4 towards Tide St./BMIP via World Trade Center 
 (5 mins, 3 stops) 

Seaport Blvd @ Seaport Hotel Stop ID: 242 
Walk to Seaport World Trade Center 
About 1 min (331 ft)

Lecture Series


These special talks are presented by Mass Hort at the Flower Show. Lecture attendance is free with Show admission.


Wednesday, March 13, 11:30
Plants Go to War
Judith Sumner
From victory gardens and medicinal herbs to jungle survival and camouflage techniques, plants played a major role during World War II. Drawing from Plants Go to War, her forthcoming book, Judith Sumner will examine the plants that provided wartime food, pharmaceutical drugs, timber, rubber, canvas, and other essential goods and survival techniques that helped to win the war. Join us at this slide-illustrated talks for a fascinating convergence of history and horticulture!

Judith Sumner is a botanist who specializes in ethnobotany, flowering plants, plant adaptations, and garden history. She has taught extensively both at the college level and at botanical gardens, including the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and Garden in the Woods.


Thursday, March 14, 12:30
The Art of the Seed
Ken Greene
When you plant a seed, you grow a story. Seeds carry stories of travel, romance, tragedy, myth, and beauty. Through looking at and digging deeper into the garden-inspired artworks commissioned by the Hudson Valley Seed Company, learn about a diversity of seed stories. Discover the history of seed diversity, the modern importance of seed saving, and how seeds connect us to food, farming, butterflies, history, politics, good soil, our ancestors and each other. Plus, along the way you’ll find tasty new varieties you can grow at home!


Friday, March 15, 1:30
Beauty of Balance
Terry Duffy and Christie Dustman
Balance can seem like such an obvious design concept – yes it is level or no, it is leaning. But in the landscape and art, balance is more nuanced and complex. Can a garden vignette be balanced while not being symmetrical? Can irregular shapes be balanced? How does balance affect our perspective on beauty? Join two seasoned Landscape Designers for this presentation on how balance is more than meets the eye

For nearly two decades, Christie Dustman has grown her company from a solo-operator to over ten employees offering a wide range of expertise in garden design, installation and maintenance. She has established hundreds of gardens in the Boston area that continue to flourish and delight their owners. Christie’s study of creative design, expert pruning and garden maintenance includes training from The Landscape Institute at the Boston Architectural College, UMass Extension’s Green school, and countless educational seminars. Christie talks about architectural landscape design, her love of gardening and her interesting life path that resulted in finding her true passion, creating spaces that bring calm and serenity into her clients’ lives.

Terry Duffy is a lifelong student of ornamental horticulture. He started working in a florist/nursery at age 12, and has continued in the industry to date. He grew up on Long Island, NY, moving to Rockport, MA in 1989. He & his wife opened a small flower shop/greenhouse operation, eventually moving into a full service landscape service. Before working with Christie Dustman & Co., he was the lead designer for Weston Nurseries where he designed a public garden in Chelmsford that received several Garden Club Federation awards, including the prestigious William C. Welch Award. He began teaching at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) in 2012, while pursuing a Master of Landscape Architecture degree, which he earned in 2013. He also sits on the Advisory board for the BAC School of Landscape Architecture.


Saturday, March 16, 2:30
The Designer’s Way
Julie Moir Messervy
Throughout her long career as a garden and landscape designer, author, and presenter, Julie Moir Messervy has always sought to create landscapes that resonate with beauty and meaning. In this talk, she shares the principles and processes she lives by, for visioning, designing, and building personal and private landscapes.

Using her firm’s projects as case studies, she interweaves personal stories with design theory and perspectives, as well as befores and afters and tips that apply to creating a beautiful garden and living a joyful life.

Julie Moir Messervy is the principal designer of JMMDS, a landscape architecture and design firm in Saxtons River, Vermont, creators of public and private gardens around the country. Her best-known work, the three-acre Toronto Music Garden, was designed in collaboration with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and received the Leonardo da Vinci Award for innovation and creativity. She is the author of nine books on landscape design and the creator of the Home Outside® landscape design app and award-winning online design service.


Sunday, March 17, 1:30
Let’s Look Around: Engaging Children in the Natural World
Kathi Gariepy
Looking around and discovering the world out of doors is one of the joys of childhood. Looking at a flower opening to the sun, a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis or a seed popping from the earth are wonders that engage children of all ages. Take a look around and learn to see the nature that surrounds our children and ourselves.
Kathi Gariepy is a Massachusetts Master Gardener and member of the Attleboro Garden Club. She is an environmental educator who leads the Little Sprouts Activity Center and the Boston Flower and Garden Show, and the summer program Caterpillar Club at Mass Hort’s The Gardens at Elm Bank.






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