Book a Garden Speaker

Book a Garden Speaker

Our staff and overseers can come to your meeting to present on a number of horticultural-themed topics. 

Rates may vary, please contact or 617-933-4973 to learn more.


Garden Club Lectures Include:


The Beauty and Benefits of Youth Gardening

Learn how you can connect your knowledge of home gardening to a new generation of gardeners. The speaker will share project plans for young gardeners and present guidelines for working with youth in a garden setting.

Biology of Seed Saving

This presentation is an introduction to the botany of plant reproduction. The speaker will offer guidelines for successfully growing your own seed-saving garden. Seed saving can have a significant impact on seed diversity.

Composting for the Home Gardener

There is a biology to composting, and understanding it will lead to healthy compost. The speaker for this session will review the different types of compost systems you can set at home and offer guidelines for compost maintenance.

Growing from Seed

Growing plants from seed can be both fun and challenging. The speaker in this session will review the timeline for starting vegetable and ornamental plants, as well as review the the materials and supplies you will need to grow from seed.

A Short History of Plants and People

The science of agriculture is approximately 25,000 years old. The development of agriculture has influenced civilization, impacted the environment, and dictated food supplies. The speaker in this session will discuss significant agricultural changes in the last century and look at the future of the science based on the choices we are making today.

Unusual and Beautiful Food Crops to Grow in Massachusetts

If you would like to add an ornamental twist to your gardening efforts, this session will inspire creativity and provide the motivation to try something new. The speaker in this session will present unique perennials, world food crops, and beautiful vegetables that will set your garden apart.

Vegetable Gardening: 101

Each year, Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Seed to Table program produces thousands of pounds of vegetables. In this session, the speaker will discuss the key elements of a successful vegetable garden – planning, soil management, irrigation, mulching, and weed control.

World Food Crops Taking Root in New England

There are a significant number of exotic plants that we rarely see in a New England grocery store – world foods we call them. However, many of these plants can be grown in your own garden. The speaker in this session will introduce the audience to a variety of world foods and offer guidelines on how to successfully cultivate them in our climate.

The Incredible Collections of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Library and Archives

Get a Free Lecture

Have your organization join Massachusetts Horticultural Society as a Garden Club Circle member.

In addition to regular member benefits like discounts on educational programs, your group will receive a free lecture, a free tour of The Gardens at Elm Bank, and a free room rental for a meeting in the Education Center.

Garden Club Circle membership is $500 annually. To learn more, contact or 617-933-4961.

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